What is a project?

A temporary endeavour to create an unique product, service or outcome.

Key charasteristics:

  • Introduce CHANGE to the organisation

  • TEMPORARY, it has a defined begining and an end.

  • CROSS-FUNCTIONAL, cuts accross organisatinoal boundaries.

  • Deals with the UNKNOWN.


  • They all vary in SIZE and TIME.

Why do organisations use projects?

  • Provides strategic alignment of key activities and visibility at the appropriate levels.

  • Mechanism to prioritise activities (Benefits, Regulatory, HW Refresh).

  • Allows organisations to deliver change in a structured and formal manner outside of BAU.

  • Effective and efficient management of organisations limited resources (people & $'s).

  • Establish ownership and accountability - Process and the Benefits.

  • Provide clarity, buy-in and agreement across what will be done, when who why and outcomes.

Software Projects

History tells us we have failed (over 70%) Roughly 30% are successful, 50% are challenged (excess in time, budget or people) and only about 20% are completely successful.

What determines success?

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