Project management and leadership

Project Management & Leadership - motivates and demotivates the team!

  • Project managers must Manage and Lead

  • Management is the process where resources are used and decisions made in order to achieve the goal.

  • Managers set objectives and decide how to achieve them.

  • Leadership is the ability to influence and direct people to achieve a common goal.

  • Leaders inspire and motivate people to meet goals.

Common mistakes

  • Whatever motivates me will motivate others

  • People are primarily motivated by money

  • Team members love to recieve formal awards

  • Give them a rally slogan

  • The best project leader is a strong cheerleader

  • These people are professionals. They dont need motivating.

  • I'll motivate them when there is a problem.

  • I'll treat everyone the same. People like that and that will motivate them.

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