Teams and teamwork

What is a team ?

  • An individual is a person with unique skills.

  • A group is a collection of people working together who do not necessarily work collectively toward the same goal.

  • A team is two or more individuals consciously working together to achieve a common objective.

  • A group becomes a team when members demonstrate a commitment to each other and to the end goal toward which they are working.

Why teams?

  • Very few (if any) individuals have all the knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Complementary teamwork skills are one of the most required skills in the work environment.

  • Substantial benefits to the organisation and to the team members.

  • Share accountability increases likelihood of success.

Why teams? Benefits

  • Enhanced opportunities.

  • Greater productivity.

  • Increased ownership and accountability.

  • More creativity and innovation.

  • Greater joy and satisfaction among team members.

  • Broader perspective.

  • Increased representation.

  • Increased equality.

  • More Dialogue.

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