Function Points

Is used to express the amount of functionality in a software system, as seen by the user. A higher number of function points indicates more functionality. Typically used to:

  • Estimate the cost and effort required to design, code and test a software system.

  • Predict the number of errors

  • Predict the number of components

  • Measure productivity

    Function Points are computed from the Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

Advantages of function points

  • Measure the size of the solution instead of the size of the problem

  • Requirements are the only thing needed for function points count

  • Can be estimated early in analysis and design

  • Is independant of technology

  • Is independant of programming languages

Disadvantages of function points

  • A well defined requirements specification is necessary

  • Gaining proficency is not easy, the learning curve is quite long

  • Could be quite time-consuming this could be costly

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