Organisational theory and motivation

Organisational theory consists of approaches to organisational analysis. Organisations are groups of individuals that are structured and managed to meet a need, or to pursue collective goals.

Some well known approaches are:

  • Maslows Hierarchy of needs

  • Hetzberg

Maslows Hierarchy of needs

Hertzberg two factor model

  • Proposed by Frank Hertzberg

  • Asked people to describe situations when they felt really good and really bad about their jobs.

  • There are a set of factors in the workplace that cause satisfaction.

  • And a seperate set of factors that cause dissatisfaction.

  • Remedying the causes of dissatisfaction will not create satisfaction

Job dissatisfaction

  • Working conditions

  • Co-worker relations

  • Policies and rules

  • Supervisor quality

  • Base wage,salary

Job satisfaction

  • Achievement

  • Recognition

  • Responsibility

  • Work itself

  • Advancement

  • Personal growth

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