Project initialisation

Setting up a project for success. A business case is the key.

The purpose of the Business Case is to establish mechanisms to judge whether the project is (and remains) desirable, viable and achievable as a means to support decision making in its initial and continued investment.

  • Provides a factual base for key decision makers to decide if the project should be undertaken.

  • Demonstrates how the project adds value to the organisation

  • Has a set of pre-defined standard organisatinal characteristics (costs, benefit, risk, etc.)

  • It is not all about size - size depends on the cost/benefit.

  • It is a living document throughout the project that should be reviewed and signed off at key stages.

A business case contains

  • Exec summary

  • Reasons why its required

  • Business options

  • Expected benefits

  • Expected dis-benefits

  • Timescale

  • costs

  • Investment appraisal

  • Major risks

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